The basic engine displaces 3.3 liters. The crankshaft was re-ground, crossdrilled, center grooved, and nitrided at Ollie`s.  The engine cases were shuffle pinned, boat-tailed and had the big squirters installed at Verden Tool.

We designed this engine to run out to factory red-line specification, so we used the stock rods and we clearanced the rod journals to within 1/1000th of an inch.  We chose Raceware Conrod hardware and ARP case studs to keep the heads and cylinders in place.  Cylinder heads were modified with beryllium copper exhaust valve seats.  Stainless steel valves and narasist rings were used to contain peak combustion pressures.

Powerhaus 8-to-1 pistons, with ceramic coated crowns and teflon coated skirts take the brunt in this motor.  We selected some big ole Elgin cams for valve train personality. 

Intake breathing comes through a Carrera (Motronic DME) intake manifold with appropriately ported intake ports in the cylinder heads.  A Tri-Flo header supplies the expanding exhaust gases to a customer-supplied KKK  K-29 turbocharger with a 2" inlet.  (I would rather have used a Vision Motorsports turbo with a 4" inlet)

Finally we used an Electromotive Tech One engine management system with 75 pounds/hour injectors and twin plug ignition option.  The intercooler was supplied by Zucz. 

So if you didnít fall asleep yet, let me give you the numbers we made at 1bar of boost  and at 90% throttle plate.  (The customer has little experience driving Porsches)

429 rear wheel horsepower and 397 foot pounds of torque

I would also like to thank Al and Scotty at ACS Racing in Hanover, MA  for helping us get the trim on the engine management system correct on their Dyno-jet rear wheel dynomometer.  

This car was absolutely awesome to drive as well.  The intake sounds brought back memories of 962`s at Lime Rock back in the 80`s!!